Pirate Parasailing is a family run company. Established in Fuengirola, Spain late 2008 and Pucón, Chile early 2014.
Between them, they have over 22 years experience in the watersports industry and continue to rise in popularity due to their consistency in both professionalism and customer relations. Your safety and enjoyment is their top priority!






APA/PPAE Instructor


Former Rolls Royce Aerospace Engineer turned Water sport fanatic, Kevin has over 30 years experience in running his own businesses. Fully licensed Powerboat Captain and APA/BPA  & PPAE Parascending Instructor with over 100,000 flights in his belt, parasailing to him is not just about business but about enjoyment for everyone. At the end of the day, If everyone walks away with a smile, then it’s a success.


“I get a buzz everytime we take someone aboard the Magie Ann. Each flight we do is different from the last and it’s great to see smiling faces at the end of each day. We know we’ve done our job and done it well. It’s a lifestyle I wouldn’t change for the world.”





APA/PPAE Instructor




IFR/CPR Instructor

It’s a well known fact that water flows through this mans veins (not literally ofcourse.)  Not only is Dani an APA/BPA & PPAE Parascending Instructor but also a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, CPR/First Aid Instructor & Administrator for the Watersports office in Fuengirola pòrt. With over 68,000 flights pocketed, his confidence mixed with his naturally chilled out manner often rubs off on everyone around him.

“People ask me what I do for a living and when I tell them, their reaction is a priceless! I can’t lie, it’s a great lifestyle, the work is rewarding and seeing satisfied customers makes everything that much more sweeter!



A specialized power boat and our most important member of crew! The Magie Ann is the flag ship of Pirate Parasailing and has been fully upgraded. Fitted with brand new state-of-the-art equipment & 400m capacity winch, making her one of, if not the best, parasailing power boat in Europe!


"She’s officially 'One of a kind' now!"

The 2000 edition Warrior 33 was manufactured by Surfrider International, designers and manufacturers of an extensive range of purpose build boats & innovative watersports craft.

The Magie Ann